Thursday, March 11, 2010

All Chocolate is Not Created Equal

I briefly mentioned that the Bosnian cocoa powder, at least the cocoa powder I've tried, is less than effective. It has sadly created a damper on my chocolate recipe capabilities.

But in this household, we like our chocolate and we like to try new chocolate. It's a perk of moving around so much. During our first few days here in BiH, we happened to try a chocolate bar with crushed bits of short bread cookie in it which we both loved and, consequently, have continued to buy.

After living in country two months, I was perusing the chocolate section in our local grocery store (as usual) when I noticed three other brands of chocolate bars with crushed bits of short bread that we had never tried! And two of the three were less expensive than our go-to chocolate bar. Obviously, I bought all three chocolate bars, as well as our usual chocolate bar, for comparison's sake. That night, my husband and I had a rigorous round of chocolate taste-testing.


The least expensive of the four was gag-inducing.

The second least expensive was only slightly better. Think chocolate-flavored wax.

Of the remaining two, our regular chocolate bar beat out the challenger by a small margin.

So in the end we're continuing to buy the same old chocolate bar as before, but now we're doing so with the peace of mind that it really is the best of the bars available in Sarajevo.

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