About Me

My name is Felicia and welcome to The Skimpy Pantry!

In the ten years my husband and I have been married, we have moved 12 times:  six states (within the US) and also in three other countries--Russia, Germany, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. No, my husband is not in the military; that's just how things have worked out for us.  And did I mention we have two children?

In some places we lived, I ignored the recipes that required ingredients that were not at my disposal or were too consuming for my closet-sized kitchen. Consequently, we would end up eating the same old meals week after week, without imagination or distinction.  When we moved to Bosnia in January 2010, I became aware of my cooking complacency and decided to just to go for it--regardless of lack of ingredients, translation difficulties, or even reliable measuring tools!  Many of the early blog posts are just such adventures.

We moved back to the United States sooner than we expected, but look forward to perhaps having the opportunity to live abroad again someday.  Regardless, this blog continues to be a great way for me to make those recipes I've always wanted to try, while mostly sticking to those pantry items I could count on no matter where we were living.

Cook along with me.  I think it's going to be good.


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